Sunday, August 13, 2023

Annual Pot Luck Picnic

Midsummer is such a great time to kick back and relax.  That's why in August we hold our annual Pot Luck Picnic.  There was lots a great food and social time for all.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Worcester Mens' Conference

Well, this was a good idea!  Our fraternity decided to rent a table the 2023 Worcester Diocesan Catholic Men's Conference.  The objective was to "get our name out there" and help explain to people what the Secular Franciscans are all about.

Tanya Connor, a reporter for the Catholic Free Press, captured Paul at our table
looking over a holy card with one of the conference attendees.

Michele helped get things set up first thing in the morning.

Our "table neighbor" checked out our stuff, too.

I had to go down a couple tables, but this was the view of the speakers from our vendor area.

And here's a view of the 700+ men in attendance.

I don't know if we'll get any new people to join us at our meetings, but it was a great way to tell people who we are.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Renewal of Profession

There were no weather problems for our February meeting.  As a result of a great suggestion from a fraternity member, we conducted a renewal of our Secular Franciscan profession in the sanctuary.  Kathleen brought a stature of St. Francis and the crucified Christ for the occassion.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Epiphany Party

Since our fraternity meeting this month actually fell on Epiphany, we decided to have an Epiphany Party.  Even though we started with reflective activity examining and praying for Spiritual Gifts (in the spirit of the Magi), I only capture pictures of food - which was great!

You can't go wrong with a Three Kings Cake from Gerardo's.

Quite a spread.

Something for everyone.

These festive chips were good enough to eat!

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Healing Mass & Social

 After a false start last month, we were finally successful in celebrating a Healing Mass with Fr. Chris from Derry, NH.
Thanks to Pam for pulling this together for our whole fraternity.

By the time this photo was snapped, we were done with Mass and were embracing some social time around the fire.  At least, I think there was a fire, but since I am writing this 3 months later, I have sadly forgotten.

It's not even 4pm in this shot, but you can see the angle of the sun is lower as are the temperatures.


Hopefully, we can see more of the fraternity soon!

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Fraternity Pot Luck

 It was a warm August Day, but not stifling.  Nonetheless, the Fraternity opted to not slave over a hot grill and have everyone contribute by way of a pot luck this year.  We missed a few members, but those who came greatly enjoyed the social time together.

There was lots to choose from.

Market Basket's sandwiches were excellent.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Finally! An Election

The election of a new fraternity council was delayed about a year, as a result of the whole world dealing with Covid-19.  We are all thankful to the selfless fraternity member who came forward to run for offices on the council and also those who accepted nomination from the floor on the day of the election.

Mary Stavro, OFS, our District 2 Representative, was the presider of our election. 
Thank you for your time, Mary.

Here is your new fraternity council.

From left:  Paul Boisvert (Formation Director), Horace Turner (Vice Minister), Steve Fiedler (Minister), Kathy McGuirk (Councilor-at-large), Kathleen Kaney (Councilor-at-large), Janice Colgate (Secretary), Pam Deres (Spiritual Assistant).  Not pictured:  Michelle Gagne (Treasurer).

SteveS (behind Paul), Alice, Joan, and Pam assisted Mary in the administration of the election.

Joan got all her "steps" in today, distributing and collecting ballots.

And just for fun, here's a photo of the fraternity who attended elect the new council.  Even if you aren't pictured, be sure, we were thinking of you and you were missed.  

Front row:  JanC, RuthD, KathleenK, KathyM.
Back row: SteveF, PamD, SteveS, PaulB, JoanP, HoraceT, Louise, BarbaraT, MargurietteN, AliceA.

Many, many thanks to the previous council who served an extra year:  SteveF, HoraceT, SteveS, JoanP, BryanL, PegS, and PaulB.